The Dancing Bears

Blagoevgrad is situated in the southwestern part of the country, covering the region of Pirin Macedonia. The region is bordered by Greece on the south and by Macedonia on the west. The region was named after the city of Blagoevgrad, which is the administrative center of the region.


The nature of the region is beautiful and wild, kept untouched in nature reserves. Around 40% of all mineral springs in Bulgaria are located in this region. The Pirin National Park is on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage.


Thanks to the foundation of the actress Brigitte Bardo and to the city of Belitsa, the Dancing Bears Park is located near Belitsa. The name of the park derives from a sight that was not rare only a few years ago, when bears were chained and forced to 'dance' for the amusement of passers-by. These once tortured bears are now safe in the nature reserve.


The economy of the region is diversified. The dominant industries are tobacco, food and textile, and agriculture.