The Ottoman Empire and Grease-Wrestling

Located in northwest Turkey, the province got its name after the town of the same name. The city of Edirne was the capital of the Ottoman Empire from 1365 to 1453.


For more than 400 years, Edirne province was home to the grease-wrestling competition. This annual contest called Kirkpinar is held between the end of June and the beginning of July.


The most prominent monument of the region is the Selimiye Mosque, built in the 16th century. With its 70,9 meters, it is one of the highest minarets in Turkey.


Stretching along the Meriç River, the province's economy is agriculture-dependent. Most of its population work in agriculture, fishing, forests, hunting. 


Regional stories

Bulgarian Border Population Loss Regions
By Sanja Stamenkovic, Jefferson Institute

The Balkan Peninsula is the European region known for its persistent negative population growth. Beside the largest number of deaths versus births, migration is one of the reasons for decreasing number of residents of the Balkans.

Some of the main demographic indicators related to population quantity are natural increase rate and population change. Natural increase rate is the difference between the number of births and deaths per 1,000 residents. Population change is the difference between the population number in two periods, divided by the earlier one. Population change is represented in percentages. Bulgarian Border Region comprises 23 regions of Bulgaria (11), Macedonia (3), Serbia (7) and Turkey (2).

Unlike many European countries with low or negative natural...