The automobile manufacturer

Lovech region is situated in the north-central part of Bulgaria. The city of Lovech is known as the city of lilac. Lilac flower bushes grow abundantly in Stratesh Park - the highest point of the Lovech city. The Lovech region is home to the first foreign language school in Bulgaria.


The region was first inhabited in the 4th century BC by the Thracian tribe Meldi. Their capital, Melta, was situated on the ground of today's architectural reserve Varosha. Archeologists found numerous traces of ancient civilizations in the caves around the rivers.   


Automobile manufacturing facilities are located in the city of Lovech. Bulgarian Litex Motors and Chinese Great Wall Motors opened a plant in 2012 to employ 2,000 workers in the next four years.


The main sights of the region are the Covered Bridge, Lovech Zoo, Maarata waterfall, Boatin reserve, and the Troyan monastery.