Cultural mix and furniture

This district covers the southern part of Serbia with a total area of 3,520 km2. The seat is in Vranje, but this district also covers the municipalities of Valdicin Han, Surdulica, Bosilegrad, Trgoviste, Bujanovac and Presevo.

The economy of this area is dominated with mining and forestry. The biggest companies are the furniture producer “Simpo” and the tobacco factory “BAT Vranje”.

Vranjska spa plays an important role in the region with its healing mineral waters.

This is a border area and the neighboring cultures have a big influence.


Regional stories

Balkan Transport Network Modernization
By Sanja Stamenkovic, Jefferson Institute

On August 27th, 2015 Western Balkans Summit took place in Vienna. European institutions announced 200 million euro grant for co-financing 10 energy and transportation projects. The total value of the projects is estimated to be around 600 million euros. This infrastructure projects will only include Western Bakans countries in the process of EU integration - Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania and Macedonia. 

When it comes to Bulgarian border regions, the road network is the longest in Serbian region of Pčinja (2,746 km). Some of the Bulgarian border regions will participate in the EU grants project. Some of the investment will be focused to road sections from Niš to Priština, and from...

Bulgarian Border Population Loss Regions
By Sanja Stamenkovic, Jefferson Institute

The Balkan Peninsula is the European region known for its persistent negative population growth. Beside the largest number of deaths versus births, migration is one of the reasons for decreasing number of residents of the Balkans.

Some of the main demographic indicators related to population quantity are natural increase rate and population change. Natural increase rate is the difference between the number of births and deaths per 1,000 residents. Population change is the difference between the population number in two periods, divided by the earlier one. Population change is represented in percentages. Bulgarian Border Region comprises 23 regions of Bulgaria (11), Macedonia (3), Serbia (7) and Turkey (2).

Unlike many European countries with low or negative natural...