Hydroelectricity exporter

Paradzhik region is located in southern Bulgaria. The region is bordered by mountains on the north (Sredna Gora mountain) and on the south (Rhodope Mountains). The region's territory is almost 60% forested.


The region was first inhabited by the Thracians. More than 50 Stone Age and Bronze Age settlements were found on the territory. Some of the most famous treasure of the Thracains was found near the village Panagyurishte. It consisted of nine vessels made of 24-karat gold.


The town of Batak is known for the Batak massacre in 1876. Around 4,000 citizens were killed by the Ottoman troops during a rebellion.


The economy of the region mostly relies on energy production and industry. The Batashki Vodnosilov Pat is a hydrocomplex of three power plants, with a total capacity of 250 MW. Machine building, paper, and food processing, are just a few of the important industries of the region. 


Regional stories

Poverty in Balkan Countries
By Sanja Stamenkovic, Jefferson Institute

The poverty rate is the share of households that are below the poverty line which is defined as 60% of the median household income. 

Data shows Macedonia to be the Balkan country with highest percent population living on or below the poverty line (27.1%). Second highest poverty rate belongs to Serbia - 24.6%. Situation in Serbia has reached the point where the ministry od labour and social affairs alarmed that 400,000 children are living in poverty. The...

Bulgaria and Macedonia Information Nations?
By Sanja Stamenkovic, Jefferson Institute

We live in the era of information. Internet has become a part of almost every aspect of modern human life. Internet Live Stats says 37.9% of the world population were using internet in 2013. Internet World Stats is claiming that 70,5% of Europeans were using the internet in 2014. 

According to the Bulgarian National Statistical Institute and State Statistical Office of Macedonia total of 36 regions of the Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Bulgaria range from 36,6% to 77,5% internet users in 2013. Compared to the Europe and the World, these regions have the percentage of internet users matching those from undeveloped countries...