Guide on Starting a Freelance Writing Venture

Writing can become a severe venture, especially if writing comes as an innate activity. You can always search for freelancing gigs as opposed to writing for established institutions like the NY. Freelance writers can do a wide project range from diverse employers, and this makes it an exciting hustle because it gives you the variety and freedom to become flexible in your daily career.

Plenty of aspiring writers thus choose to concentrate on particular niches basing all these on their expertise and interest. As such, it comes as no surprise to find freelance writers doing jobs that entail writing blog content on hobbies, content for native business websites, and writing for print or virtual magazines, etc. Therefore, freelance writing proves a popular choice with lots of individuals owing to the income they can generate while maintaining the flexibility of working their schedules and remotely, etc. So how can you begin your career writing as a freelancer?

  • Pick your niche.  It becomes crucial to select what area or niche tickles your fancy. Start by going for a niche that you feel enthusiastic about to enable you to write brilliantly without any need to spend countless research hours. To do this, consider areas such as travel, health, diet and fitness, meditation and yoga, parenting, family and relationships, cooking, creative hobbies, etc.
  • Establish a blog or website. The benefit of having a virtual presence for a freelance writer cannot get understated. It can contribute in a big way to your chances of succeeding in your niche and writing. Therefore, establish and write a blog to start achieving this. You can then share and receive helpful feedback concerning your work, which you can take on board and improve your content and skills. Additionally, you can always get free blog space on sites such as Wix and WordPress, while in some cases, establishing your website could prove the best solution in sharing your skills with the world.
  • Develop an excellent sample. It becomes vital to create a portfolio with your sample works. Such a portfolio will help you get crucial feedback that can help you grow as a writer. Therefore, share these works with friends and family to not only develop as a writer but establish your reader base. You can then use these samples when pitching yourself for some paid writing gigs to demonstrate your ability.
  • Pitch yourself. After you assemble a portfolio and begin building a readership base, the next step entails pitching to get extra work. Try every avenue possible, including print and online magazines, guest opportunities, ongoing writing projects, and many other outlets.
  • Check job boards for writing gigs. Try specialist boards as they offer a source that proves perfect in getting paid and high-profile jobs. Additionally, you can also get crucial leads from writing communities as most of them share information and ideas on blogs, magazines, and website writing opportunities. Some of the best places to begin your forays include BloggingPro, IWriter, etc.  
  • Collect testimonials. Getting testimonials from clients can become pivotal in building your writing reputation. You can then publish these reviews to attract potential customers.

Additionally, it becomes necessary to learn how to make extra money as a freelancer to ensure the hustle can pay your bills. Firstly, set the correct goals to ensure you work towards achieving something. It will help keep you on track. You also have to avoid or stop working for content mills. Try and create new business ventures as you grow and try to develop a worldwide clientele base.


You can become a successful freelance writer once you set your heart to it. All you have to do encompasses adhering to the guidelines provided.