Must-Have Skills for Freelance Writers

To become a top-notch freelance writer, you require a bit more than just writing skills. It is like running a business. You have to do the writing, manage other aspects of your life, and engage in active networking and marketing. It may sound like it is overwhelming, but when you add a bit of experience and extra toil, you will be on your way to success.

These are the skills you should have to make your freelance gig a success.

  1. Business management and Accounting Skills

When we hear the word accounting, we get a string of fear in our hearts. As a freelancer, you should understand how to put and how to put your income in check and manage it. Get the nitty-gritty of how to grow your business too. For accounting, you should know how to:

  • Develop invoices.
  • Keep and maintain records
  • Calculate tax and understand it well

The recordkeeping skills will help you a long way in ensuring that your business gets well managed. The records will help you keep track of your progress and will further shed light on how you can transform your business well. Set goals that you can achieve and work towards them.

  1. Organizational and Time management skills

These are some of the vital skills you can and should have as a writer. When you are self-employed, it is up to you to get yourself organized and do your work efficiently. The following tools can help you manage your time well and get organized while in the process;

  • Calendar. You can have a physical or digital one. Get your deadlines transcribed and have it within your reach at all times.
  • To-do list. You can download apps or have a physical one to keep records of what you get set to do or the deadlines you are supposed to meet.
  • Filing system. It will help you keep both your physical and digital files for easier retrieval of documents.
  1. Editing skills

As a freelancer, you should be an all-rounder. Writing may be your greatest asset, but editing is like a pillar. With this skill, you will produce top-notch scripts. Your success in freelance goes hand in hand with exquisite editing. You should therefore develop your editing skills as early as you can to improve the quality of your work. You will get to attract new clients, and you will also retain the ones you have. You can also use these skills to help others edit their work and get a dime off that.

  1. Networking skills

The skill will take you out of your comfort zones. Most freelancers dread it, but it is one powerful tool that any freelancer needs to possess. Many freelancers work in enclosed structures, barely seeing the light of day and fail to connect with others.

It is one of the best ways to get to clients. Several people get work through recommendations and referrals, and the truth of the matter is, networking can go a long way to improve on just these two. You do not have to do it in person. You can do it when you attend conferences and create connections with like-minded individuals. You can also use social media to land jobs and connect with new clients.

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