The panorama of liberation

The Pleven region is located in central-north Bulgaria, bordering Romania in the north. It was named after the city of Pleven.


The region was settled from neolithic times. Traces were found of Thracians dating back to the 5th millennium BC. Near the village of Vulchitrun, archeologists found the largest collection of Thracian treasure - 13 vessels of solid gold.


The economy of the region is mostly dependant on light industry - food, textile, retail, and services.


The main sights of the region were built in memory of the Russo-Turkish war, around 200 of them. The Panorama Pleven Epopee - 1877 is one of the largest panoramas in the world, depicting the five-month Siege of Plevna. The panorama was unveiled 100 years to the day of the Ottoman Empire's surrender.


Some of the other sights of the region include the Regional History Museum of Pleven, the Roman military caste Dimum, Storgozia fortress, and the ancient town Ulpia Eskus.